Vilia's Verses of Celerity


Level: 36
Skill: Singing
Mana: 0
Casting Time: 3
Recovery Time:  
Max Duration: 0 M 18 S
Requires: none
Requires: none
Description: Increase group AC (6-9), AGI (23-35), ATK speed (20%)


This spell can be bought in the following places:

Zone Merchant Name Area Location
North Freeport Inisis Trimpet Bard Guild (-119, 576 )
Plane of Knowledge Minstrel Silnon Library (First Floor) (59, 916 )
South Qeynos Chalea Volesga Bard Guild (515, -132 )


This spell can be obtained by doing the following quests:

Zone NPC Name Area Location Quest
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This spell is dropped by mobs in the following places:

Zone Mob
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