Magician Research

When a mage reaches the 'age' of 16 they aquire the ability to research some of their spells.  This cans bes fun but cans also bes a pain in ... ummm .. well .. ya knows what I means.  In order to makes ya own spells ya needs to gets an Elemental Grimoire.  This bes the container in which ya puts all the components needed.  There bes books ya cans buy with all the information needed to makes ya spells, but if ya don't wants to buys them (and learn the odd languages they bes written in) ya can just use the chart below.

Simply put all items needed to makes ya spell into ya Elemental Grimoire then hit COMBINE.  There bes 3 things that will happen:  1) Ya'll make a spell.  2) Ya'll fail.  3) Ya'll bes told that those ingredients didn't combine to makes anything .. this means ya goofed .. recheck ya items and try again making sure ya gots all the right ones.  Good Luck!

Lvl Spell Name Words Needed Item Needed Spell Scroll Needed
16 Minor Summoning: Air Words of Tyranny Aviak Feather Scroll - Elemental: Air
16 Minor Summoning: Earth Words of Tyranny Small Brick of Ore Scroll - Elemental: Earth
16 Minor Summoning: Fire Words of Tyranny Halas Heater Scroll - Elemental: Fire
16 Minor Summoning: Water Words of Tyranny Shark Skin Scroll - Elemental: Water
16 Summon Heatstone Words of the Element Bloodstone Scroll: Elemental Armor
20 Lesser Summoning: Air Words of Dominion Pearl Shard Scroll - Minor Summoning: Air
20 Lesser Summoning: Earth Words of Dominion Topaz Scroll - Minor Summoning: Earth
20 Lesser Summoning: Fire Words of Dominion Jade Shard Scroll - Minor Summoning: Fire
20 Lesser Summoning: Water Words of Dominion Ice of Velious Scroll - Minor Summoning: Water
24 Cornucopia Words of Transcendence Loaf of Bread Scroll - Summon Food
24 Everfount Words of Transcendence Flask of Water Scroll - Summon Drink
24 Summoning: Air Words of Dimension Pearl Shard Scroll - Lesser Summoning: Air
24 Summoning: Fire Words of Dimension Jade Shard Scroll - Lesser Summoning: Fire
24 Summoning: Water Words of Dimension Ice of Velious Scroll - Lesser Summoning: Water
29 Greater Summoning: Air Words of Coercion Scent of Marr Scroll - Summoning: Air
29 Greater Summoning: Earth Words of Coercion Gloves of Rallos Zek Scroll - Summoning: Earth
29 Greater Summoning: Fire Words of Coercion Breath of Solusek Scroll - Summoning: Fire
29 Greater Summoning: Water Words of Coersion Flame of Vox Scroll - Summoning: Water
29 Summon Coldstone Words of Sight Eye of Serilis Scroll - Summon Heatstone
34 Minor Conjuration: Air Words of Duress Scent of Marr Scroll - Greater Summoning: Air
34 Minor Conjuration: Fire Words of Duress Breath of Solusek Scroll - Greater Summoning: Fire
39 Dagger of Symbols Words of Collection (Azia) Dagger  
39 Lesser Conjuration: Earth Words of Convocation Gloves of Rallos Zek Scroll - Minor Conjuration: Earth
39 Lesser Conjuration: Water Words of Convocation Flame of Vox Scroll - Minor Conjuration: Water
39 Summon Ring of Flight Words of Collection Star Rose Quartz  
44 Conjuration: Air Words of Incarceration Scent of Marr Scroll - Lesser Conjuration: Air
44 Conjuration: Earth Words of Incarceration Essence of Rathe Scroll - Lesser Conjuration: Earth
44 Conjuration: Water Words of Incarceration Tears of Prexuz Scroll - Lesser Conjuration: Water
49 Greater Conjuration: Air Words of Bondage Wing of Xegony Scroll - Conjuration: Air
49 Greater Conjuration: Fire Words of Bondage Breath of Ro Scroll - Conjuration: Fire
49 Greater Conjuration: Water Words of Bondage Tears of Prexuz Scroll - Conjuration: Water

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