Pet Commands

Pet control cans mean the difference between life and death.  Below bes the commands that cans bes used to control all pets, aside from Enchanter Summoned Pets.  This includes charmed critters.  I recommend that anyone using pets a lot, like mages and necros, makes hot keys for the commands below in dark yellow.

/pet as you were   Causes ya pet to disregard all prior commands.  This cans bes helpful if ya mistakenly send ya pet after a critter, if ya cans say it before ya pet actually starts to attack.
/pet attack Causes ya pet to attack whatever critter ya have targeted.
/pet back off   Stops ya pet from fighting.  Fair warning, if the critter hits (or casts on) ya or ya pet then ya pet WILL go back into attack mode.  Sometimes it bes necessary to repeat this command over and over until ya actually wants ya pet to fight.
/pet follow me Ya pet will follow ya.  This means it no longer bes in any type of "guard mode" (guard here or guard me).  It will simply follow ya.  Ya pet will still attack anything that attacks ya or it, or anything it 'thinks' wants to hurt ya.  
/pet get lost This will kill a summoned pet or release the charm effect on a charmed critter.  For summoned pets I personally prefer to use the spell Reclaim Energy because at least that way I regain some mana.
/pet guard here This tells ya pet to guard a particular spot.  It will attack anything that comes into its 'spot'.  Ya pet will stand still in this spot and will return here after fighting.  This personally bes one of my favorite commands because having my pets 'walking' back and forth near me just drives me nuts.
/pet guard me Ya pet will stay close to ya and attack anything it sees as a threat to ya.  If ya sit/stand in one place ya pet will 'walk' back and forth, watching the area close to ya for any possible threats.
/pet report heath Ya pet will tell ya what it's health bes at.
/pet sit down Causes ya pet to sit and rest.  Since mage pets float in the air ya will not actually see this effect.  Necro pets will turn into what looks like a pile of bones.  Health regeneration bes sped up, much like it bes for ya when ya sit.
/pet stand up Makes a pet that bes sitting stand up again.
/pet target This puts ya pet as ya target.  This cans also bes done by hitting F1 twice, first time will target ya and second time will target ya pet.
/pet taunt Tells ya pet to taunt.
/pet no taunt Tells ya pet not to taunt.  Personally, I have never had a use for this .. I always wants my pet to taunt critters off me.  hehe
/pet who leader

Ya pet will announce for all nearby to see who it's leader bes.  The bestest use I've seen for this bes when in a fight with another player.  Nothing like having ya opponent charmed and telling all around ya that ya bes his/her master.

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