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Spell Name Description
Naltron's Mark Increase group current/max HP (406-446)
Nature Walkers Behest Summon a bear pet
Nature's Infusion Heal target (1750 HP)
Nature's Might Increase target STR (55)
Nature's Precision Increase caster ATK (15)
Nature's Rebuke Caster weapon gains proc of Natures Rebuke Effect (Magic based DD for 170 damage)
Nature's Recovery Heal target over time (30 HP every 6 sec for a total of 900 HP)
Natures Touch Heal target (978 HP)
Natureskin Increase target AC (19-20), current/max HP (391-400), HP regeneration (4 HP every 6 sec)
Nek Gate Teleport caster to Nektulus Forest (432, -772)
Nek Portal Teleport group to Nektulus Forest (432, -772)
Neurotoxin Poison based DD (1260-1250 damage)
Nexus Gate Teleport caster to Nexus (0, 0)
Nexus Portal Teleport group to Nexus (0, 0)
Night's Dark Terror Turn target into a Scarescrow, increase ATK (45), DEX (120) and enchant weapon with Lifetap proc (transfer 5-35 HP from target to player)
Nimble Increase target AGI (33-36)
North Gate Teleport caster to Northern Plains of Karana (-3685, 1209)
North Portal Teleport group to Northern Plains of Karana (-3685, 1209)
Numb the Dead Magic based Lull (decrease target Frenzy Radius to 15 feet and Reaction Radius to 25 feet, lower aggression)
Numbing Cold Cold based area effect (caster) - DD (6-7 damage)

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