Planar Progression

Progressing through the planes of power is a complicated as it is difficult.  Here I have tried to simply it as much as possible.  A special thanks to Allakhazam, Crydee Ossirand, the Questing Ranger, and Oumadar for help in weeding through all the information.  Click on any of the zone names for detailed information.  As always if there's something you think is not right here please email me with details.  If you are unsure of where you are on this chart you can figure it out using the Seer Information.

Color Code:

Talk Quest/Event Kill Flag/Key
Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5






Trial of Stoning

Trial of Hanging


Trial of Lashing


Trial of Flame




Trial of Torture







































































Assist Wembly Quest









Items listed here don't have a real place about but contain information you may want to have access to.



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Plane of TranquilityPoS/PoV FlagPlane of JusticeMavuinTrial of ExecutionAny One TrialThe TribunalThe TribunalThe Seventh HammerMavuinKey to Aerin'Dar's LairBastion of ThunderPlane of ValorPlane of StormsA Planar ProjectionHoH FlagAiding AskrBoT FlagTrydan Faye's TrialHalls of HonorPlane of TimeHalls of Honor BAlekson Garn's TrialRhaliq Trell's TrialHoH Trials FlagBoT Towers AcessAccess to Agnarr's TowerRing EventAgnarr the Storm LordKaranaGrand Librarian MaelinAgnarr FlagLord Mithaniel MarrPlane of TacticsA Planar ProjectionGrand Librarian MaelinMithaniel Marr FlagTallon ZekPlane of InnovationVallon ZekPoTactics FlagGiwin MirakonA Planar ProjectionManaetic BehemothGiwin MirakonInnovation Factory FlagXanamech NezmirthafenNitram's CollectionA Planar ProjectionPlane of NightmareA Planar ProjectionGrand Librarian MaelinGrand Librarian MaelinTallon Zek FlagVallon Zek FlagRallos Zek EventRallos Zek the WarlordA Planar ProjectionGrand Librarian MaelinRallos Zek FlagAdler FuirstelAdroha JezithPlane of DiseasePlane of Nightmare BThelin PoxbourneGryrne, Crypt GuardianHedge EventCastle KeyThelin PoxbourneGrummusPoN B FlagA Planar ProjectionElder FuirstelPlane of TormentAdler FuirstelCoD FlagTerris ThuleA Planar ProjectionElder PoxbourneTerris Thule FlagCarpin EventCrypt of DecayPlane of EarthHigh Priest Ultor SzanvonTarkil AdanBertoxxulous Pre-FlagFahlia ShadygladeSaryrn Pre-FlagSaryrn Chamber KeyMaareq the ProphetRing EventBertoxxulousA Planar ProjectionElder FuirstelPoTorment FlagTylis NewleafThe Keeper of SorrowsSaryrnA Planar ProjectionGrand Librarian MaelinSaryrn FlagSarhya the DawnbreezePlane of AirPlane of Water

Solusek Ro's Tower

Plane of Earth BWind Etched KeyRing EventXegony the Queen of AirEssence of AirPoTime Flag (1)Guardian of CoirnavRing EventCoirnav, Avatar of WaterEssence of WaterPoTime Flag (2)Ring EventsTantisala JaggedtoothMystical Arbitor of EarthA Planar ProjectionPoEarth B FlagPlane of FireRing EventAvatar of EarthEssence of EarthPoTime Flag (3)Miak the SearedsoulXuzlRizlonaArlyxirThe Protector of DresolikJivaSolusek RoA Planar ProjectionGrand Librarian MaelinSolusek Ro FlagRing EventFennin Ro, Tyrant of FireEssence of FirePoTime Flag (4)Quintessence of ElementsChronographer MuonLoreseeker MaelinPoTime Flag (complete)