Planar Progression - Seer Information

For those of you that might have skipped or missed something along the way, and are not sure what that was ... this page should help you to figure out what is missing.  If there you know of Quotes that I do not have listed here, please email me so I may add them.  Thank you once again to Allakhzam and all the folks that post there. 

Speak to Seer Mal Nae`Shi in the Plane of Knowledge at (n40, n200).  You must sit down to speak to her.  Say to her, "unlock memories" until she says to you, "You manage to recover some images from your childhood, but no recent events spark a memory."

If after a few tries she does not say this then say to her, "guided meditation."  Simply look for the quotes here to find out what you are missing.

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