Epic Quests

After spending far too many hours pouring through pages and pages and pages and pages of epic quest details I thought I'd try to simplify it a bits.  So I have made check off lists of each of the quests from information gathered all over the place.  I dids not mention every word spoken, I figures if ya bes at the point of doing these quests then ya prolly knows how to talks to the NPC's now.  Instead, I have listed the NPC's ya gots to talks to or kills and what ya gives to them or gets from them.  I hope these lists helps others. 

Each page opens with all the information showing.  By clicking on the boxes ya cans collapse the steps as ya do them.  To opens them all up again simply refresh the page.

Bard Beastlord Cleric
Druid Enchanter Magician
Monk Necromancer Paladin
Ranger Rogue Shadow Knight
Shaman Warrior Wizard


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