Tinkerbear's AA Skill Guide


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There bes 7 Ability Catagories: General, Archetype, Class, PoP Advancement, PoP Ability, Gates, and Omens. There bes two ability types, passive and activated.  Passive abilities always be on and working.  Activated abilities ya gots to trigger to gets them started.  The activated abilities gots a timer that goes along with it.  Refresh timers bes given in real world time. For every minute that passes in the real world, 20 minutes pass in Norrath.  This means that 1:12:00 bes 1 hour, 12 min, 0 sec and be equal to 1 Norrathian day.




Titles now may reflect your trade skills or AA points.  With the Omens of War expansion we now have the ability to select our own titles and to change them as we see fit.  To pull up the Title window simply type Shift + T and choose one to implement it.


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