Hiya!  I am Crys .. Super Warrior! .. {chuckles} Hiya!!  My name is Crys.   

I no longer play Empiriria, but for those of ye that do I am leaving my downable files here for ye.

Just click on whichever level ye want to download.  Ye will need WINZIP to unzip these files.  If ye don't have WINZIP ye can pick it up here.  The maps themselves are in GIF format.  They are meant to be printed using LANDSCAPE Orientation .. ye can adjust this in page setup or in yer print setup.  If ye use LANDSCAPE they will print nicely on one page.

Color Black & White
Levels 0 Levels 0
Level 1 Level 1
Level 2 Level 2
Level 3 Level 3
Level 4 Level 4
Level 5 Level 5
Level 6 Level 6
Level 7 Level 7
Level 8 Level 8
Level 9 Level 9
Level 10 Level 10
Levels 11-13 Levels 11-13
2001 Builds 2001 Builds

Vegas Links

These are pictures from the Net Escapes gatherings in Las Vegas.

July 1997- Pics by Chas
Feb. 1998- Pics by Chas
  Pics by NWAngel
July 1999- Quotable Quotes


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