No .. I will not bes putting ALL quests here.  This just bes for the class specific quests.  There bes lots and lots of web sites with tons and tons of quests already.  I only puts these here to help folks out as for many these will bes there first 'real' quests.  Ya should still reads up on the quests yaself.  There bes links to some real nice sites here.  It bes important for some what factions will bes effected ... like it wouldn't bes advisable for ya to ask a gnome to helps ya kills Clockworks as that would cause trouble for them at home.  So please if ya bes asking others to assist ya .. know what factions bes involved first.  I knows that not all classes bes here yet .. but gives me time .. hehe.

Bard Cleric
Druid Enchanter
Magician Monk
Necromancer Paladin
Ranger Rogue
Shadow Knight Shaman
Warrior Wizard

Quest Gems - Here ya will finds a listing of the Quest Gems, where they drops and what they bes used for.  For those of ya that bes ready to do any of the armor quests and needs just the gems please speak to me in game as I have a collection of gems to be used by guildies. 

Epic Quests - I still bes working on these and will link them in as they gets done.

PoP Flowchart - This is a very detailed flow char of the planar progression.

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