This was the first of two raids on Permafrost by the youngsters of CoF .. they all did a wonderful job.  The following is as reported by Dwenya.

Novices Hit Permafrost Keep

It was a typical bleak and snowy eve in Everfrost as, one by one, a small band of intrepid adventurers crept into a secret tunnel to seek fortune within.  It was rumored treasures would fall from the slaying of the goblins which patrolled the halls of the caverns known as Permafrost Keep.

The eager adventurers - Farroamer, Aabra, Dylyn, Dwenya, Cimon, Yimmarins, Crystanya and Atlantus - were all young sisters and brothers of the guild known as Circle of Faith.  Hushed voices whispered that the raid leader - Crystanya - was actually the famed leader of the Circle, training in yet another class to further broaden her knowledge of the arts of Norrath.

Many of these unseasoned adventurers held great knowledge of other classes and skills - having older siblings at the highest levels among Norrath's defenders.  Yet each individual present had chosen a class far different from that of their older relatives.   Their skills were still new and awkward compared to the fine honed talents of the older battle-hardened veterans.

Out of the dark strolled two brothers of the Circle - older, wiser, stronger - to watch and protect these novice explorers.  Genome and Sejal escorted the youth - observing their efforts but allowing them to test their own mettle against the denizens within.  They would not interfere except in dire straights as this would defeat the purpose of the youth's training.

The forces gathered at the zone to Perma - organizing their groups and planning the assault.  Buffed and briefed, the parties zoned in to meet the first of many goblins to fall beneath their swords and spells.  The raiders carefully made their way deeper into the passageways - reaching the Flag Room with relative ease. Rumors of a magic headpiece drew them onward to seek the foe known as the Goblin Preacher.

The fighting intensified as the parties moved toward the Preacher's well-guarded chamber.   Heals were cast more often and mobs were mezzed to control the pace of the battles.  Shouts of low mana were sometimes heard - yet, in the end, the young raiders began to get a tentative hold on the room.  One deaht occurred - another a bit later.  Both fighters were resuscitated with the  help of Sulea, Nton and Scythian - older guild members who offered help to the members in training.

The hard work of all involved was not to go unrewarded.  After a furious battle, the Preacher himself fell - offering up his prized possession - a Runed Circlet.  Aabra, an up and coming Circle enchanter, won the coveted item in the random.

The room was held for several hours as the young guild members learned grouping, raiding and pet control skills.  Much levity filled the idle times as guardians Genome and Sejal entertained the groups.  Genome prepared a late snack for all using Dylyn's fire pet.  The party as a whole decided Genome's armor would make the perfect little wood stove to warm chilled tootsies in Perma.  Sejal and Aabra did their impressions of many of Norrath's finest species - dancing the night away with the warriors.

Unlike some of the determined (read stubborn) older members of CoF, these young adventures jumped at the chance to port out of this could castle - rather than fight their way out.  Many thanks to Muskie and Nton for the airfare.

Congrats to all on a raid well done!  Hey - let's do it all again on Saturday!!

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