This time CoF's mid-range members (25-35) made their way into Permafrost to show the King who was boss.  Sejal, Fuzzey, Sulana, Goramil, Nton and Grunak led by Lizziebeth quickly made their way to the King's room.  While they were there an Ice Giant Diplomat poked his head out and apparently didn't like them being there.  Lizziebeth quickly ordered the other members to EVAC .. and once gone she laid down on the ground pretending to be dead and praying the Ice Giant Diplomat would believe her act.  Thankfully, he did.  Once he returned to his 'home' she got up and slowly snuck out of Permafrost, as the others made their way back.  On the return trip to Permafrost they picked up Tamili who joined the groups in showing the King what death was all about.

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