CoF successfully obtains the Summon Corpse spell for Razorheart!  Here's the .. um .. story .. as told by Erynlor ..... (make sure ya reads the whole thing .. there bes pics throughout the story)

Cleaning the Kennels

Beware of the Dogs!

Or so read the sign posted at the dark maw of an entrance that beckons those entering the Lair of Infected Paw.  The bright beautiful sky, gift of Tunare, belied the ominous dark depths that had mocked Norrath for many a century.

Assembled before this hallway to horrors were the heroes of honor, the champions of chasteness, the brethren of the brave .. Circle of Faith.  Thirteen was the number of the companions of courage.  Though the superstitious would have quaked at their party numbering such an ominous count, the number in the end proved unlucky for none but the heinous hounds of Paw!

And though the day was bright and air crisp with Karana's own blessings, each of the companions' thoughts flittered over islands in their sea of memories.  Islands of past glories and seas of setbacks.  But now these valiant vassals of valor were no untried adventurers.  These battlers of barbarism had been seasoned on the monsters of Mistmoore, the dastardly deviants of the Dreadlands, the cowardly cretins of Karnors Castle and the beastly (fatherless children) of Burning Woods.

The parties had as their goal the acquisition of a rare magical missive that contained the arcane power, when wielded by a necromancer, to summon the very body of a fallen companion to said necromancer's taloned feet (at least in Dread Razorheart's case .. they are scaled and taloned, yet properly pedicured as befits the Dread Lord).  Verily would this splendid spell prove needed as the Circle prepared to storm the demesnes of dragons and the planes of power.

In the lead were the scourge of Sebilis, Sir Slashbane and his lovely assistant, the Timorous Tinkerbear.  Sir Slash let the parade of power deep into the depths of Infected Paw.  In attendance upon the group were the priests Supreme Sulea, Saintly Cirian, and Gracious Greywolffe.  Assuredly was the god's favor upon these mighty medics.  Supplying the invaluable aid of their comely casting were the Thane Thorinson of the clan Furtummy, the Precious Pipspeak, Mystereious Mumamanie, and Gallant Ghandalf, the fastest caster in the west.

This coterie o' casters were accompanied by CoF's own glorious guardians.  Sir Slash led August Aredd, monk of many moves, Gentleman Genome, and Erollisi's own avatar, Erynlor.

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Quickly did the Circle mow through the miscreant mongrels of mayhem that patrolled the upper areas of Paw.  The Circle had raided this dank den of diseased dogs previously but had taken a long and circuitous route to the lair of the Ishva Gnoll that possessed the sought after spell.  But in a brilliant move, Sir Slash, with boldness and debonair, had the fellowship of friends step off a bridge to a short cut to the deranged dog Ishava.  And to quickly clear the lower tunnels of the cowardly and craven canines, he wisely had Dread Razorheart and Mysterious Mumamanie send their pets dashing through the tunnels, taunting the rude residents to follow them to their demise at the Circle's feet.

And verily did the moronically mangy mongrels blindly charge down the passages to their deaths.  Like so many lemmings did the waves of beasts crash upon the Circle.  Wave upon wave of deadly dogs did cast themselves upon the shield wall of Circle's chosen.

Sir Slash, with a fey gleam in his eye and a howl that froze the hounds of hate themselves, leapt into the maelstrom of mongrels.  Cleaving necks and impaling chests with his mighty weapon.  Timorous Tinkerbear and Dread Razorheart were lost in a rainbow of spelllights as they called down death upon the nasty gnolls.  Amid this group stood Saintly Cirian and Gracious Greywolffe summoning healings for the beleaguered Dread Lord and Timorous Lady.  And Erynlor, ever the saintly savior, whirling hither and thither with his Wurmslayer harvesting gnoll heads.

A second island of carnage centered around the mad monk August Aredd and Mysterious Mumamanie where one cast about with his lethal hands and feet and the other with her fey magic.  And the bodies did pile at their feet.  Thane Thorinson sent forth his wolfspirit pet to harry the gnolls whilst he too let forth with the spells of the north; and the beasts quaked before his wrath.  Supreme Sulea cast her healing magic upon her comrades whilst Gentleman Genome showed the foolish fiends that they should not have dismissed him for his stature.  Fore well did Gentleman Genome's blade drink of the blood of that litter from hell.

But ALAS!!!!  What is this?  The evil gnolls did launch a most fearsome attack upon the Mysterious Mumamanie.  They sought to subdue her and spirit her off to their lair.  One can assume that as a Dark Elf they thought her open to their evil propaganda and would be able to whisper evil words to sway her.  But Mumamanie laughed in their faces.

"Back you spawn of evil!!" she shouted.  "You will not lay your cowardly claws upon me!"

And mightily did she cast forth her necromantic spells and turn five foul beasts into bone dust.  But the gnolls were not deterred and continued to charge.

"Fine, my retched ruffians, now feel my wrath!" yelled the diminutive necromancer as a terrible green magelight came down and poisoned and weakened the next wave of assailants.

"BAH!!!!" yelled the gnoll leader in his corrupted version of the common speech.  "If you will not join us .. then you will die at the hands of the pack of Paw!!!"

"No," challenged Mysterious Mumamanie as a dangerous gleam shown in her eye, "we will travel to the shores of death together!"

And there did Mumamanie cast a dread spell and take many of the beasts with her as she fell in a circle of bodies.  Supreme Sulea, set upon on all sides was stricken to her very core to see her friend struck down.  But she was being pummeled on all sides by the poltroon pooches and was unable to save the brave beauty.  A darkness settled over the group and barely did Thane Thorinson and others cast their healings upon Sulea who was but a whisper's breath from death.

Dread Razorheart's group, unaware of the sacrifice of Mysterious Mumamanie, fought on as droves of dogs snarled and hacked at the party.  here too did the gnolls attempt to subdue the necromancer.  And here too did Dread Razorheart prove onto the uncouth hounds of hate that even necromancers can have honor, especially in the Circle.  And though the attack upon Dread Razorheart was no less vicious than that upon Mysterious Mumamanie, fortune smiled upon the lordly lizard and spared him for greater deeds to come.

The moon did traverse the night sky, the tides did come and go upon the shores of Norrath, and still did the waves of wolves seek to inundate the Circle.  But alas, as the morning dew before the dawning sun, the resistance of the gnolls evaporated in the face of a determined Circle.  The heroes, spent and somber, silently surveyed the carnage.  And the smiles, started.  And the rejoicing began.  For the Circle had remained unbroken in the face of the most evil onslaught that any of our brave heroes had ever faced.

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While around her, the party piled the bodies and looked upon the battlefield, Supreme Sulea called forth her fellow priests and the noble paladin.  Around Mumamanie's tiny body did Sulea, Saintly Cirian, and Gracious Greywolffe join in prayer.  Thane Thorinson lit a spirit fire and summoned a channel to the ancient totems of his clan.  Erollisi's Avatar, Erynlor, knelt before his fallen comrade and petitioned the Lady of Love to bless the ultimate sacrifice of love.

And as this holy circle was caught in their spiritual sťance, a soft light did fall upon the gentle visage of Mysterious Mumamanie and her comely countenance was bathed in the beauteous light of life.  Forsooth the gods of Norrath had rewarded such bravery as had been exhibited in that dark dungeon.  And the Circle did rejoice at the sight (once clothed) of the fair Mumamanie returned to their number.

Evil Paw, like some dark monster, had recognized the danger of the invading heroes.  It knew that this was a strength of purpose unlike any it had felt within its wicked innards since it's creation.  It must needs summon all it's fell strength and might to expunge this holy thorn in it's side.  It had summoned its foul power to blot the Circle and the honor and courage which it embodied like no other invader had .. and it failed.

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But Paw was no novice power and so wit withdrew to deep within itself to sulk .. and to scheme .. and to wait.  Afterward the parties did travel to the very haunt of the Ishva gnoll that possessed the spell.  Paw was spent.  Like a novice wizard who casts till their mana is gone, only to realize the monster is almost still at full health, Paw had no choice but to retreat.  Individual gnolls came alone or in paris to contest the Circle's rule of lower Paw, but they were swatted away like so many gnats.  And though it did stall and it hid for many an hour, eventually was the patient Circle able to ferret out the scared Ishva gnoll and the spell was riped from it's dead paws.

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Erollisi had promised us "that which doth not destroy thee will strengthen thee."  My beloved Lady and the Infected Lair of Splitpaw have strengthened this Circle as hard as a circle of diamond glittering in all it's shining bright personalities.

Assault the Circle at thine own peril!