Lower Guk - Live Side

CoF strikes again!!

Once again CoF ravishes through Lguk, seeking out the King and putting an end to his pitiful reign.  The spells and clashing of swords could be heard from above, as it shook the ground you walked on.

The league of valiant men and women of CoF rampaged through Upper Guk, working their way to the bowels of the Kings Lair.  As we dashed aside minotaurs and roaming frogs, we navigated our way through the complex labyrinth.  Alas, we found ourselves at the feet of one of the King's temples.  Dispatching Aredd and Erynlor to have a look inside, we found the workings of the King's high priest and his beloved crusader.  Realizing they are bound to return, CoF slyly awaited their return.  One by one frogs were placed to rest, quite quickly I might add, until finally the froglock crusader returned to his post, and began to work silently.  Little did he know that his death was only a pull away.  The valiant Aredd, reached into the tower, grabbing the crusader by his tongue, and threw him at our feet.  The crusader, with fear in his eyes, pitifully attempted to fight in return, but to no avail.  Cirian elegantly walked up to the corpse of the crusader, and ripped the tunic off its back.  "Hmm... fits quite nicely."

Once more the legion of men and women held firm outside the tower, and awaited the vile priest of Guk.  Frog after frog dropped relentlessly to the ground, when before the rest of us were aware, our brave Aredd was dragging the priest out of the castle.  You almost felt sad for the priest, as he desperately tried to stay alive.  CoF mercilessly slit his throat, and watch him gurgle his last words of anger.  Yet again, Cirian stepped up to the near dead priest, and laughed in its face.

Once the crusader and priest had fallen, we heard word of an eye, an evil eye.  One that the King apparently had recruited to watch over his kingdom. CoF immediately began following the trail of mucus the eye left in its path.  Alas, we were near, we could hear the squishing revolt of its slimy eye.  We snuck around to where it was resting, and it had spotted me.  Foolishly it began to follow me to the masses.  We killed it so fast, before he could blink *smiles*.

Hearing word, the King was home, CoF quickly began heading towards the throne room.  We slashed and casted through another two dozen frogs, before we were just outside the King's lair.  We could hear him gurgling orders and preparing to come after us.  Little did he know, he was next!  We sent in our valiant Aredd, who boldly strutting into the King's chamber.  Nearly choking, the king coughed, "Attack!!"  Five frogs swarmed around Aredd, including the King.  Aredd, very slyly, dropped to the ground after a few hits.  The frogs cheered in their false victory, and returned to the chamber.  The King, however, remained, sulking in his pride over the corpse.  Like any horror story, he went to check the body.  Alone and unprotected, the King was fooled!  Aredd, leapt up and grabbed the King.  Covering its mouth, Aredd pulled the King back to CoF, where we surrounded him, taunted him, and ever so quickly... Killed him!!  The King wielded his prize Mithril 2 Handed Sword.  Our small, yet deadly, Genome reached out and grasped the handle.  It was a prefect match, lifting the sword high, Genome cheered.

We dispatched the Kings frogs one by one, until there were no more.  Then as we were about to leave the empty throne room.  The King had come back for revenge!  The King was furious, and wanted to reclaim his sword. But CoF stood firm, and every blow he delivered was met by several of ours.  He could not survive any longer. CoF, yet again, defeated the Froglock King, and this time his crown was claimed.  CoF owns Lguk!!

May the circle be unbroken - Slashbane Crosscutter


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