Lower Guk - Live Side

The Circle gathered their forces to assault the King in Lower Guk once again .. but he was busy with another team at the time so we headed to the Crusader.  CoF gathered in two groups.  The first led by Tinkerbear with Metharn, Snick and Sulea at her side.  The second group led by Pipspeak with Razorheart, Thorinson, Genome and Erynlor at her side.  Not only did these two groups fight their way through Upper Guk and Lower Guk to the Crusader's hideout .. but they so scared the gnolls that the Priest never showed his face and the Crusader only broke his fear of us once to quickly be killed.  Saddly the pet of Tinkerbear stole away the prize obtained from the Crusader's corpse .. though it was quickly punished with 'Death by Leader's Invisability'.   Beware Crusader .. CoF shall return!

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