Lower Guk - Live Side

CoF strikes again!!

We gathered our forces at the wreaking cave of Guk, and prepared to march in. Two valiant groups were formed, destined to de-throne the King of Guk himself. With our swords raised and fingers lifted, we headed in, bloodthirsty for some frog legs.

We barreled through the lesser minions which patrolled the upper chambers of Guk, and worked our way to the bowels of the fungi-covered Guk.

Delving deeper into Guk we came across a great labyrinth. By following the markings of previous brave venturers, we began navigating towards the chamber of the King himself, but first we must take down his hierarchy. We slaughtered the patrolling Minotaurs and frogs, and came to a lonely prison room, where the guards quickly fell to the might of CoF. As the forces awaited, the watchful evil eye was lured to the masses and his treasure pack became property of CoF.

We quickly headed deeper into the guts of Guk, knocking down the Kings leaders one by one. The Noble was the next to fall, dropping his prized necklace. Shortly after, we dismissed the Huge Elemental, who was caught taking a rather untimely bath. After clearing the frogs in the herbalist room, we set up camp to take down the Mighty King himself.

Once all was ready and prepared, I pulled one of the King's guards from the chamber. The frog was certainly in fear, as he would not face us alone, but brought two other knights and the King himself. It was a long and furious fight, seeming to last an eternity. Our clerics were drained, nukers were straining the minds from casting, and warriors were tired. But one by one the frogs fell, leaving only the King himself. With fear in his eyes, he looked for his men, only to find himself alone, and dying quickly. At last the King fell, and his throne was claimed by CoF. *cheers* CoF owned Lower Guk!

After several hours more of killing frogs we decided to head out of the bowels of Guk. Backtracking through our path, we once again killed the ever watchful evil eye, claiming another pack. After knocking down frog after frog, CoF's valiant men and women exited the cave and stories were told for many years to come.

Congrats to everyone on the raid, and a job well done!

Happy Hunting, Slashbane