Halloween Dragon Sighting

Etrius was studying his lil spell book, when the sky turned blood red, and the Halloween Event began.  It started out with Bloodgill Goblins coming out of the water in Lake of Ill Omen.   Peops there were killin the waves of goblins ...

Then .. the big boy arrived.  A named red Slug thingy, some peops were calling it a dragon, but it didn't look like one to me.  Faydedar, err something it was called.  Well, Etrius scrambled around getting pics of it, till it eventualy turned on him, after two AE fears.  Only took one lava AE spell, and an additional hit to flatten the poor lad.

I arrived after Etrius' death and joined up with Morago and Delanae, and our old friend Dracco.  I wish that I could say that we stood side by side to the other valiant warriors and slayed the beast, but the slug came up on our forces as we were preparing and annhialeted us, along with about 50 others.

As we we're making our way back, a large group, most of which being Midnight Sojourn, gathered forces and dropped the beast.  -- Slashbane Crosscutter.