CoF Raids Droga

I almost feels sorry for the poor gobbies of Droga .. not only did CoF destroy them .. but we dids it over and over again.  (chuckles)  Twice we raided their home .. and boy was it fun!  Click on any thumbnail below to sees the full sized picture of CoF in action.

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Razor at rest after a tough session of fast castin. Greywolffe inspects the body to bes sure it bes dead. Wow .. I sure bes glad I'm on CoF's side!
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The battle bes over ... but the war has just begun. Go get 'em CoF! Time to move in deeper.
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The men takes a well deserved rest. I said rest, Sraalok ... not goes to bed! Ya not supposed to jump on ya bed Sraalok.
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Draznell takes the first watch. The bestest puller in all of Norath goes in for more. Bring 'em on Slash! CoF on the move .. look out gobbies .. here we comes!
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Waiting for Slashbane to bring on more for us to slay.  Wow .. sure bes dark by the eyes of a ranger .. but if ya lets ya eyes adjust ya'll sees all bes busy fighting. It bes the skele's turn to stand watch while all take a much needed rest.
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Ahh .. Slashbane .. he just bes soooo good looking .. no wonder the crits can't resist him.  Look close on the right ... see Slashbane standing there?  hehe The gang in action once again.  
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The gobs never had a chance! *smirks*  Two skeletons?  Oh .. that's Razorheart!  Geesh .. someone feed him! Ok Erynlor .. time to get up .. crits bes on the way! 
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Ok everyone .. smile for the camera and wave!