CoF Pics

If ya gots pics from raids or fun nights out? Just sends them to me and I'll posts them here.

July 4th - I mades fireworks for us to shoot off for the celebration. 

FM Raid - The poor crits in Frontier Mountains had no clue what they were in for when Ranthar, Slashbane, Iskanda and I stepped in on the scene.

Droga - The gobbies never knew what hit them!

Halloween - Slashbane's tale of a dragon.

Burning Woods - Personal pics from Tink in this zone.

Mistmoore - The inhabitants of Mistmoore never saw us coming.

Pet Duels - A few of us decided to take on Metharn's pets .. 

The A-Team - Here's some pics of the original CoF ... waaaaayyyy back when.

Ocean of Tears - Various members showed the mobs in OOT that size isn't everything.

Dreadlands and Trakanon Teeth - Drovargs and Specters and Brutes! Oh my!

Sir Lucan - Sir Lucan falls before the might of CoF!

Soulfire Obtained - Ranthar Pureheart's dream comes true!

Lower Guk - Live Side - The KING dies at the hands of CoF!!

Permafrost Keep - The younger members of CoF take the Preacher captive!  Take 1 and Take 2.

Permafrost Keep - The King falls to CoF's mid-ranged members!  Take 1 and Take 2.

Paw - CoF raided Paw for the sole purpose of obtaining the Summon Corpse spell .. and we did it!!

Lower Guk - Live Side - CoF returned to Lower Guk to remind the King that he was mortal .. saddly another group was already doing that so we took on the Crusader, who was soooo scared he only showed his face once.

Lower Guk - Live Side - Once again CoF raids on lower Guk .. this time not only the Crusader fell to our might .. but so did the King and his Priest.  Hail CoF!!

Kedge - CoF has raided Kedge many times .. mostly to gets me an item off Undertow who keeps refusing to stay without suiciding .. hehe.  The pics here bes from various raids there.

CoF Anniversary Party - I thought I'd lost these pics long ago .. they bes from our One Year old party.

Miscellaneous Pictures - Group pics or funny pics .. if ya gots funny pics to add just email to me.

CoF 2nd Anniversary Party - What a difference in the graphics from Year 1 to Year 2!

Tower of Frozen Shadows - Proof that even our young members can kick butt!

Yimms and Lovian duke it out - Watch how easily a mage can take out a pally.

Vox - Take 1 - Feb 29, 2004.

Naggy - Take 1 and Vox - Take 2 - Mar 7, 2004.

Naggy - Take 2 and Vox - Take 3 - Mar 10, 2004.

Naggy - Take 3 and Vox - Take 4 - Mar 11, 2004.