Circle of Faith

May the Circle be Unbroken

The best little guild on Erollisi Marr!

CoF FAQ - Find out what CoF bes all about.  Potential new members bes required to read this page.

CoF Pictures - Here ya'll finds pics of raids and other .. ummm .. er .. group activities. 

Quests - Ya will not find ALL quests here .. for now just the quests of class specific armor, a listing of quest gems needed for the Velious Class specific armor, some epic quests (rest coming soon), and Plane of Powers Flowchart.

CoF on EQ2 - The best little guild on Najena.  EQ2 Quest Worksheet - download HERE

Tink's EQ Pages - This links to my own pages about Everquest.  Here ya will finds info on all the Spells, Skills, AA Skills, Class/Races,  and more.