Emote Commands

All these commands are preceded by a '/'.  The Emots are on the left and on the right is what's said when you have no one targeted.  The wording changes a bit when you have another in your target .. so give them a try. To see a listing of these emote commands in game just types /help emote.

Agree You agree with everyone around you.
Amaze You are amazed!
Apologize You apologize to everyone.
Applaud You give a round of applause.
Bird You make a rude gesture.
Bite You look around for someone to bite!
Bleed You bleed quietly.
Blink You blink in disbelief.
Blush You blush profusely.
Boggle You boggle, shaking your head and looking confused.
Bonk You look around for someone to bonk!
Bored You inform everyone that you are bored.
Bounce You bounce with excitement.
Bow You bow.
BRB You announce that you will be right back.
Burp You burp loudly.
Bye You wave goodbye to everyone.
Cackle You cackle gleefully.
Calm You look peaceful and calm.
Cheer You cheer.
Chuckle You chuckle.
Clap You clap your hands together - hurray!
Comfort You need to be comforted.
Congratulate You congratulate those around you on a job well done.
Cough You cough.
Cringe You cringe.
Cry You cry.
Curious You look around you curiously.
Dance You stand on your tip-toes and do a dance of joy!
Drool You drool -- something must have you excited!
Duck You duck.
Eye You raise an eyebrow inquiringly.
Fidget You fidget.
Finger You make a rude gesture.
Flex You flex your muscles proudly.
Flipoff You make a rude gesture.
Frown You frown.
Gasp You gasp in astonishment.
Gesture You make a rude gesture.
Giggle You giggle.
Glare You glare at nothing in particular.
Grin You grin evilly.
Groan You groan.
Grovel You grovel pitifully.
Hail You say, 'Hail'
Happy You are so happy!
Hug You hug yourself.
Hungry You need food, badly.
Introduce You introduce yourself. Hi there!
Kneel You kneel down.
Laugh You laugh.
Lost You look completely lost!
Massage You look around for someone to massage.
Moan You begin to moan.
Mourn You lower your head and mourn the loss of the dead.
Nod You nod.
Nudge You nudge.
Panic You panic and scream.
Pat You pat yourself on the back.
Peer You peer around intently.
Plead You plead with everyone around you.
Point You point straight ahead.
Poke You poke yourself.
Ponder You ponder matters at hand.
Purr You purr.
Puzzle You look completely puzzled.
Raise You raise your hand.
Ready You let everyone know that you are ready!
Roar You emit a low rumble and then roar like a lion!
ROFL You roll on the floor laughing.
Rude You make a rude gesture.
Salute You salute the gods in pure admiration.
Shiver You shiver.  Brrrrr.
Shrug You shrug unknowingly.
Sigh You sigh, clearly disappointed.
Smack You smack yourself on the forehead.
Smile You smile.
Smirk You smirk mischievously.
Snarl You bare your teeth in a terrible snarl.
Snicker You snicker softly.
Stare You stare at the ground.
Tap You tap your foot impatiently.
Tease You look about for someone to tease.
Thank You thank everyone.
Thirsty You need a drink, badly!
Veto You veto the idea.
Wave You wave.
Welcome You welcome everyone.
Whine You whine pitifully.
Whistle You whistle a tune.
Yawn You open your mouth wide and yawn.

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