Tinkerbear's Favorite Everquest Links

I can't even begin to thank the folks behind the pages listed here.  The amount of time an effort put into making them must be astounding.  But .. for what it bes worth .. I thank each and every one of ya .. without yas I couldn't have gotten as far in Norrath as I have.

EverQuest - This is where ya'll finds all the basic information about the game .. how to gets it .. where to gets it ... why it's not working at the moment (grins) .. and when they knows it'll bes down (network status).

Allakhazam's Magical Realm - If ya can't finds it here .. then prolly doesn't exist .. hehe.

EQ Atlas - Not only does this site gots wonderful maps ... but they include zone guides which cans bes VERY helpful.

EQ Caster's - This bes one of the best information sights I've found yet for everything to do with Everquest.

EQ Maps - If ya can't finds the map ya bes looking for on EQ Atlas ya'll prolly finds it here.

EQ Toolbox - These folks gots all the ingame maps ya coulds ever wants.

EQ Traders Corner - Everything ya ever wanted to knows about trade skills . . what they bes .. how to learns them .. recipes .. drops .. foraged goods .. merchants .. and more.


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